A & D Exteriors Frequently Asked Questions

A&D Exteriors Frequently Asked Questions

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Storm Damage Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: There are roofing companies popping up all over the place after this hail storm. How can I protect myself from these 'fly-by-nights' and other unscrupulous contractors.

Answer: It is disheartening to receive calls from consumers who have been ripped-off by contractors who have come into the area chasing storm damage. We see a lot of this because we are often called upon to solve problems caused by fly-by-night contractors after they have taken the money and run. It is in your best interest to go with a locally owned and operated company with local refrences

Q2. Will my insurance company pay for all or a percentage of the storm damage?

Answer: This depends on your particular insurance policy. The majority of home owners whom we have helped have had Home Owners policies which provide 'replacement cost' coverage (RCC).

If your policy provides RCC, your insurance company should pay for the actual replacement cost of the roof system minus your deductible. Normally, the insurance company will issue two checks. The first check will be issued at the time of the adjustment. The second and final check will be issued when your insurance company has received proof that the roof system has been replaced. Such proof usually takes the form of a completed invoice from the involved roofing company.

Here is a hypothetical breakdown to illustrate how payment is typically made under RCC policies when the adjuster determines that hail has "totaled" a roof: (assumes only the roof is involved)

ItemCostInsurance Company Terminology
Total cost to replace roof system$8000"whole loss"
Wear and tear to existing roof$-2500"depreciation"
Policyholder's share of the loss$-500"deductable"
Subtotal: Amount of 1st check$5000"actual cash value claim"
Amount of 2nd check$2500"recoverable depreciation payment"

Important: The 2nd check should be the same as the Depreciation amount if the policyholder is charged by his roofing contractor at least as much as what the adjuster allowed in his estimate. (If not, the insurance company will likely diminish the amount of the 2nd check by the difference.) Note that the total of the 1st and 2nd checks would be the same as the Whole Loss minus the deductible.

Q3. Should I have my insurance company come out first or A&D Exteriors?

Answer: This recent storm has caused very significant damage which may lead to leaks if the problems are not addressed soon. Thus it would be in your best interest to have one of our reps conduct an inspection ASAP. Our trained, professional representatives will at your request provide a detailed report including digital photos of critical areas and concise explanations as to how expensive consequential damage due to leaks can be avoided. The sooner we are aware of your particular problems, the sooner we will be able to handle any temporary repairs which may be needed in order to get your home or business in a safe, dry condition in the shortest possible time.

Q4: What is the process after my insurance company agrees that my roof siding, or gutters should be replaced?

Answer: A&D Exteriors will schedule with you:
1. The delivery of materials
2. The execution of the contract
3. The Quality Control Inspection

After your roof, siding, or gutter system is approved following the QC Inspection, your insurance company will then be invoiced.

This invoice should be forwarded to your insurance company as proof that your projected has been completed. You should then receive any funding that has been held back pending completion at this time. This would be the "2nd check" noted above.

Q5: What are some of the signs of hail damage to my roof system?

Answer: Be careful here. Detecting damage to a roof system from the ground can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Hail causes damage to the fiberglass mat which is encapsulated in asphalt and coated with colored granules. In many cases, one can only see bruising of the asphalt and fractures of the mat when in very close proximity to the shingle (18 to 24 inches). That said, possible evidence or concern of hail damage to your roof can be assumed if one sees any of the following:

» Heavy granule loss at downspouts or at the perimeter of the home immediately after hail event.
» Damage to vehicles in your driveway or street.
» Heavy loss of vegetation, small to medium limbs from trees in your yard.
» Significant (deep/heavy) marks in wood privacy fences.
» Window screens torn or damaged.
» Visual evidence of indentations in rooftop turbines, box vents, or other flashings.

Evidence of these findings does not guarantee that you have hail damage. However, the converse is also true.

You can call A&D Exteriors to conduct a rooftop inspection of your roof system at no charge. We have been serving the Chicagoland area for years are considered experts in dealing with insurance losses.


The A&D Tear-Off & Re-Roof Process

Upon the initial inspection we determine the overall condition of the roof. We are looking at a number of factors including, but not limited to: the number of layers of shingles, the effective age of the shingles, curling or cracking of shingles evidence of storm damage and flashing problems.

We will walk the roof (when possible) and take an extensive visual look of the shingled roof deck. As much as we try to determine the roof deck condition, it is not fully possible to determine wood damage until the shingles are removed. Wood damage typically occurs from dry rot that is not visible until the shingles are torn off the roof. We look at the current ventilation system on the roof and determine if it is in compliance with today's building codes. We examine all objects on the roof, such as pre-fabricated chimney, skylights, t.v. antennas, and plumbing stacks.

We ask you, as our potential customer, if there have been any roofing issues in the past or in the present that you are aware of. Issues include any leaking areas, water stains in the house, discoloration of the roof sheathing, mold visible in the attic. A visual inspection of the attic should be done (if possible) by the homeowner.

The initial inspection of the roof is extremely important, as it alerts our roofers to any problems that might come about in the tear off process.

After you have chosen us to be your remodeling contractor, we will come back and help you with color selection for your project. We will then have your sign off on our material order form.

It is our goal at A&D to finish your roofing project in one day ( depending on size, wood issues, or weather). If this is not possible, we will do your roof in sections and we make sure the roof is covered in case of bad weather.

The installation of the roof is performed using the manufacturers guidelines for the installation process of a tear off.

The installation process begins with us arriving at your residence in the morning. We begin by protecting your landscaping and placing boards under our dumpster.

We will tear off the existing roofing and perform an inspection of the wood (actually seeing the visual condition of the wood) by the roofers. After the inspection, the foreman will replace (as necessary) any damaged or rotted wood. We will then clean the deck of all debris.

Next we will install Ice & water shield on the gutter edge and in valley areas of the house roof (heated areas only). Installation of felt paper is used as the underlayment for the remainder of the decking

If your house has a chimney, we will install a new chimney flashing by using a triple flashing method that includes: Installing ice & water shield around the chimney, new step flashings, and new counter flashing. We will replace any plumbing flashings with new lead flashings. We check all flashings and replace as necessary all of the step flashings, we will re-flash all walls and penetrations.

We will replace the existing mushroom vents with new color matched mushroom vents and we will install any additional vents (if needed)

Next we install a starter strip on the gutter edges and the rake edges of the roof. we will install one layer of shingles using 4 1 1/4" roofing nails per shingle, installed on the manufacturers nail line. when finished shingling, we calk all roof penetrations using a 30 year neoprene calking.

All debris is removed by using hand cleaning, raking of debris, visual inspection and finishing with a rolling magnet. our goal is to be very meticulous in our removal and cleaning process.

Remember at A&D exteriors our goal is to give you the highest quality job at a fair price. we take the time to educate you as we go through the process of your project. at A&D we take the stress out of hiring a contractor and we back it up with strong warranties and hundreds of satisfied customers. Our family thanks you for the opportunity to be your contractor.