What Roof Type Do I Have?

What style of roof do I have

Each roof type is different.  It’s important to understand your home before jumping into a home renovation project.  Prior to roofing, gutters, soffit or fascia projects, make sure you know what type of roof you have so you know how to communicate with your contractor and clearly explain what you need done.  We’ve included a cheat sheet below for the most common roofing types in our area.

Gable Roof


A simple gable roof has two sloped planes that meet at the highest point of the roof.  Gables have both eaves and rakes.


A hip & ridge roof takes its name from the outside corners, where two sloping planes meet.  A triangular plane slopes down to form the side.

Gambrel Roof


A gambrel roof is usually a symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side.  The upper slope is shallow & the lower slope is steep.


This style of roof or curb roof includes a four sided hip roof style with two distinct slopes.  The steeper angle can be found on one side.

Flat Roof


The first rule of flat roofs is they can’t be perfectly flat.  They will always have a gentle slope to allow rain water to drain.


A shed roof, also called a simple span roof, has only one plane.  Shed roofs can be virtually any pitch, as long as the rafters span from wall to wall.

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