How to Identify Storm Damage on your Roof

Storm Damage on Roof
There are many different types of “storm damage” that can affect the health of your roof. The first step is knowing how to identify the damages so you know when to call in an expert.
High speed winds don’t hit your roof evenly across the surface.  Winds can go after the corners, the edges and the ridge line of your roof. High winds can cause your shingles to curl, remove them completely or even “lift” the shingles. This loosens the nails and can cause the sealant to break. Ultimately any of these results from high winds can lead to leaks.
When hail forms and falls from the sky… the results are never going to be fun. Even the smallest hail impact on a shingle can lead to a roof leak. It can be very difficult to see hail damage from the ground.  What you should look for is dents in your gutters, gutter guards, or downspouts to identify if your roof has hail damage.
So, What Do I Do Now?
The longer the damage goes untreated, the higher repair costs can become. If you have identified storm damage or experienced a harsh storm, call a trusted professional to come out before major problems arise. A&D Exteriors even offers a FREE inspection & estimate!  Schedule an appointment with A&D Exteriors or send us a message and let us know what you’re looking to get done!

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