Ice Dams and Your Roof

Winter in the Midwest is a great time to snuggle under a warm blanket, watch Netflix and ignore the weather raging outside.  But, it is important not to ignore the warning signs your roof may be giving you during the winter months.  Icicles on your roof could mean big problems, like ice damming.

What Are Ice Dams?

A build-up of ice on roofs resulting from melting snow reaching the eave and freezing there is know as an Ice Dam.  This build-up blocks the melting water from draining off the roof.  This causes backup and can lead to water leakage into your home!  Did You Know: Roofs older than 20 years most likely do not have ice & water shield and are more susceptible to develop Ice Dams?

Ice Dams Icicles Roof Leak

Call For A Check-Up!

Don’t wait until Spring to contact a roofing company about issues with your roof.  As the snow melts away,  roofing companies will get flooded with appointments.  Call early to make sure you get added to the schedule now to be among the first to get taken care of in Spring.  A&D Exteriors is currently offering Roofing Maintenance Packages for only $99 if booked prior to March 2019 (originally $249).

Why Do I Need Roof Maintenance?

Roof maintenance helps to identify any potential issues and keep your roof system functioning properly.  Think your roof might be ready for replacement?  A&D Exteriors also offers FREE roof estimates by request.  All new roofs include an extensive ice dam leak protection package.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, reach out today to keep the weather outside where it belongs!  Schedule an appointment today to have an expert come out to make sure your home is properly equipped to protect you from leaks.

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