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Attic Condensation Winter Leak

Attic Condensation & Winter Leaks: It’s an Inside Job

December 23, 2022

Midwest homeowners experience some extremely harsh winters which comes with freezing weather.  When temperatures outside drop below zero, humidity in your home can work it’s way into your attic where it freezes.  Once temperatures begin to warm up, the frost in the attic melts and can simulate the look of a roof leak as it

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Ice Dam Photo

Ice Dam Warning

December 21, 2022

ICE DAM WARNING With the forecast of snow and freezing temperatures ahead of us, it is possible for your roof to develop ice dams if preventative measures aren’t taken. What Are Ice Dams? A build-up of ice on roofs resulting from melting snow reaching the eave and freezing there is known as an Ice Dam. 

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