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The Effects of Hail Damage on Your Home

Any type of hail can cause damage to your property, but it is typically 1 inch or larger that will have a negative effect on roofing systems. (To find out if your area was hit by hail, and what size it was, check the hail report for your city.) Larger hail can fall at a rate of 100 mph, which can cause some serious damage on impact! Experts know what to look for and how to inspect your property for damages to give you a realistic estimate for repairs or replacement.

Factors of Hail Damage

  • Wind speed, intensity + direction of the wind
  • Size of hail stones
  • Density + Shape of the hail stones
  • Type of building materials used + how it responds to the impact
  • Physical barriers such as trees, adjacent buildings or other structures

If you notice dents in your gutters, screens, downspouts or on your siding + window casings, it’s time to call out an expert. Even minor dings + dents can mean there is damage. An easy sign is if you notice neighbors in the area getting roof replacements or inspections… it is probably time for yours.

Hail Damage Claims

The most important part of a hail damage claim is damage to your shingles or siding – which is what can earn you coverage for a full replacement. Sometimes finding hail damage can be very obvious, but other times it can require a trained eye to identify. Many times, even if only a few granules are missing from the shingles, greater issues can develop over time. Just because nothing is leaking now, doesn’t mean it won’t in the future due to weakened spots. If you do see water stains on the ceiling or interiors walls, around light fixtures, or similar areas, call an expert to come out for an inspection night away. (If you’re not sure what is covered by your policy, talk to a public adjuster to make sure your claim is optimized.)

Hail damage can be either FUNCTIONAL or COSMETIC. Functional damage affects the integrity & potential longevity of the roof and shingles. Cosmetic hail damage may not look pretty, but won’t affect the functionality of the roof. Insurance companies can try to claim the damage is cosmetic to avoid paying out claims. This is why it’s important to works with a roofing specialist and public adjuster when filing your claim.

How to Find a Contractor For My Project

After a bad wind or hail storm, you may notice an abundance of roofers in your area, knocking on your door and using scare tactics to get you to sign a quick contract. It’s important to look for a credible, licensed and local company in the area to give you an honest estimate. Storm chasers are exactly what they sound like. They drive from area to area following bad storms. More than likely they are subcontracting the work out and will be long gone if or when you have an issue in the future.

A&D Exteriors has been serving the suburbs of Chicago for years and backs every roof replacement with our 12 year NO-LEAK workmanship warranty. We have our own trusted crews and a public adjuster on staff with years of experience in the home exteriors field.

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