Roof Leak or Attic Condensation?

Mold in Attic

When you find water damage on the walls or ceiling in your home, it can be a cause for concern for any homeowner.  While it is easy to assume this is caused by a leak in your roof, it may actually be caused by condensation in your attic.  Taking steps to correct this issue immediately can help to save you money on a roof replacement.

What can cause condensation in my attic?

After extreme cold temperatures during winter months, frost can form in the attic.  When you run the heat in your home, the warm air rises and can enter the attic to melt the frost, causing condensation as a result.  If you are not able to find a cause for the leak from exterior damage, the problem is most likely due to water condensation.

How do I fix the condensation problem?

Condensation can be a big problem resulting in mold and deterioration of the materials in your attic, which means it should be addressed immediately.  Many times the solution can be as simple as making sure the exhaust fans is running during hot showers or when cooking over the stove. If the condensation problem continues, your problem may be poor ventilation.

Have a professional come for a FREE inspection to make sure both your roof and ventilation are up to par and will make suggestions for any work that needs to be done.  Schedule an appointment with A&D Exteriors or send us a message and let us know what you’re looking to get done!

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