5 Tips to Prevent Roof Leaks

Laying Down Shingles

The source of the leak is not always where you see the leak.  Contractors are “roof detectives” that have to retrace the path water travels to correctly identify the source.  Leaks for homeowners can be a big headache and end up with costly repairs.  Regular roof inspections and maintenance should be performed by a professional to help avoid problems.  As a homeowner, you can follow these 5 tips to prevent roof leaks.


  • Protrusions: If you see anything penetrating through the roof this is going to become a leak source as well as interrupting the natural flow of water off your roof.
  • Chimneys:  These can be one of the main sources for leaks on your roof.  Have a roofing professional take a look to make sure it has proper flashing and sealing.
  • Skylights:  Water can get trapped behind skylights and lead to leaks.  Is the flashing still in good shape or in need of repair/replacement?
  • Plumbing Vents:  The big thing to look for here is that the rubber hasn’t started to crack and the pipe & flashing hasn’t been chewed on by critters.



Not only is drip edge nicer to look at, but is a key step to ensure water stays away from the fascia and continues to move off the roof.  A missing drip edge can lead to leaks in the eaves or wood rot.  As a bonus, it also helps to keep out insects and critters.  Check to make sure your drip edge is in good shape to prevent future leaks.



What is step flashing?  Step flashing protects the interface between a roof and a wall from water leaks that can cause hidden damage for years.  Homeowners or trained professionals need to inspect all areas where step flashing should be installed to look for damages.



It may seem easy to blame the roof for all of your leaks… but these issues can actually be a result of improper ventilation, plumbing, air conditioning condensation, vent fans, or an animal/bug infestation in the attic.  Things to look for are algae stains on the plywood, mold, wet insulation (when it hasn’t rained), black rings or rust around nails, or clogged intake vents.



Gutters are an extremely important part of your home’s exterior.  If gutters are not installed properly to slope and drain water, the water can end up in your home.  You should always have a professional install your gutter systems to avoid issues.  Homeowners should make sure to regularly check for debris and keep the gutters clear.

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We are happy to provide our neighbors with maintenance packages, starting as low as $99, to help prevent a small problem from becoming a big issue.

Schedule an appointment today to have an expert come out to assess your roof and make sure your home is properly equipped to protect you from leaks.

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