Top 5 Tips for Fall Decor

House with fall colors

Autumn is fast approaching… and before you know it swarms of little trick-or-treaters will be visiting your doorstep.  Now is the perfect time to decorate your home for fall, before the cool weather becomes too frosty!  From pumpkins and candy corn to scarecrows and corn stalks, we have simplified Fall décor trends into our TOP 5 easy ways to decorate this season.


One of the best ways to get your home ready is to decorate the entrance to your home. Whether your use traditional Fall colors or prefer a more modern look, decorating the entrance to your home will make any guests feel welcome.

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Another way to get your home ready for Fall is to spice up your front yard. An easy way to take your yard from Summer to Fall is to use hay bales to make a Fall “scene.”  Play around with different arrangements of fall elements to create a fun scene using hay bales, corn, gourds, pumpkins, scarecrows and fun autumn signs.

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Another way to make your home welcoming during the Fall months is to decorate your mailbox. This look can be very simple to achieve with a big impact from the street!  The best part is that all you need is an orange bow, a couple pumpkins and a corn stalk – or even just a festive garland to drape over the top!

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A great way to make the inside of your home feel like a Fall wonderland is to create a stunning tablescape.  (What exactly is a tablescape you might ask?  Tablescaping is the act of creatively and intentionally arranging a tabletop so that it conveys a specific theme, mood, or experience.)  A great tablescape can be simple or complex depending on your personal style; It can be full of vibrant autumn colors or simply white with earth tones.

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Lastly, one of the best parts about Fall is the amazing smells that come along with it.  Once you decide whether you like pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, apple, fireside, or leaf scents, swing by your local Bath & Body Works to pick up a 3-wick candle. The aroma will be the perfect finishing touch on your Fall décor.

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