How To Get Windows Sparkling Like New

Window Cleaning with soap

A Clean window can be more than just nice looking for your guests and neighbors.  Clean and clear windows let in more light and make the exterior of your home appear newer and fresher.  They can also help to prevent damage such as a pitted surface.  Using these tips and techniques can help keep your windows sparkling like new, without being a dreaded chore.


Streak free windows can be easily achieved without using ammonia-based or heavily perfumed cleaners.  All you need is to combine equal parts white vinegar and hot water.  The vinegar won’t harm the glass or etch its surface, but will help to remove stubborn spots that accumulate over time.


The cleaning solution you use is only part of what leads to clean windows… the technique and tools you use can be just as important.  Using newspaper or paper towels usually results in streaks and spots as it dries.  To achieve the look of a crystal clear window without the streaks, use a clean damp sponge to wipe your cleaning solution in broad strokes.  Then, using a squeegee, wipe away the cleaning solution.


Removing the tough stains can damage the surface of your windows, resulting in a foggy look even once the stain is gone.  The best defense against this is to invest in a textured microfiber cloth and try rubbing it with dish soap to remove the tough spots.


So now you have perfectly polished windows that still appear dirty?  Your screens may be ready for a polish of their own.  Gently remove the window screen from the frame and lay them in a shady area (on your lawn or driveway).  First, give them a good rinse using your hose, then follow up with a soft bristle brush or car washing sponge and dish soap to clean off stubborn dirt.  Rinse off the soap and allow them to dry in the shade (to prevent warping in the heat) before re-installing.


While a sunny day might seem like the perfect opportunity for window cleaning, they actually increase the chances of permanent water spots.  These can be caused by the cleaning solution drying too quickly in the direct sunlight and heat.  Try to wait for an overcast day so you won’t need to rush through the process and can take your time to do it right the first time around!


Even the best cleaning tips won’t prevent windows from aging.  Once you hit the point where it’s time to stop scrubbing the old windows and invest in a new set, schedule an appointment with A&D Exteriors or send us a message and let us know what you’re looking to get done!

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